What type of doctor performs oral surgery?

What is a oral surgeon called?

An oral surgeon, also called a maxillofacial surgeon, specializes in procedures dealing with the mouth, jaw, and even the whole face.

Is an oral surgeon a doctor or dentist?

An oral surgeon (known formally as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon) is a dental specialist. All dentists, whether they are generalists or specialists, spend upwards of seven or eight years in college and dental college earning a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine).

What is the difference between a periodontist and an oral surgeon?

The periodontist focuses on the health of soft and hard tissues in the mouth. … While oral surgeons routinely place dental implants, a periodontist will often suggest dental implants after the treatment of periodontal disease that has resulted in lost teeth.

Do doctors do oral surgery?

Oral surgeons are the surgical specialists of the dental profession. Just as you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform an appendectomy, there are certain procedures that should only be performed by oral surgeons, who have extensive education, training and surgical expertise.

Do endodontists pull teeth?

Endodontists operate on a small level, using operating microscopes and tiny instruments and technologies to remove infection and preserve roots. They typically do not fill cavities or pull teeth.

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Why would a dentist refer you to an oral surgeon?

Your dentist might have referred you to an oral surgeon for dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extractions, oral pathology, or jaw surgery. While dentists are trained to perform many types of procedures, sometimes specialists are needed to deliver highly focused and complex care.

What kind of doctor treats mouth problems?

If your doctor or dentist feels you may have mouth cancer, you may be referred to a dentist who specializes in diseases of the gums and related tissue in the mouth (periodontist) or to a doctor who specializes in diseases that affect the ears, nose and throat (otolaryngologist).

What is a dentist doctor called?

A dentist with a DDS has earned their Doctor of Dental Surgery degree; one with a DMD earned their Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. … Both of theses types of dentists are considered general dentists and are your primary provider who treats your overall oral health care needs.

Can periodontist do oral surgery?

This dental professional can also perform oral surgery. However, the practice is only limited to the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Periodontists are responsible for looking after your gums and making sure that they function accordingly in supporting your teeth.

Will an oral surgeon pull an infected tooth?

All dentists are qualified to perform emergency tooth extractions if and when necessary. Tooth extractions are a relatively common oral surgical procedure and may be necessary if your tooth is severely damaged or infected.