What to say to someone returning to work after surgery?

How do you welcome someone back to work?

Allow your coworker to talk as much or as little as they want about their illness and absence. Don’t overwhelm them with questions, overdo the sympathy, or act like nothing happened. Offer your support, letting them know that you’re grateful and relieved to have them back and that your door (or Zoom) is always open.

How do you wish a colleague a speedy recovery?

7. Be positive in a Get Well card.

  1. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery.
  2. Hang in there, better days are coming.
  3. Hope you feel a little better every day.
  4. Best wishes for a little progress and a little encouragement every day during your recuperation.
  5. Now’s the time to rest and recuperate!

What can I say instead of good luck for surgery?

General Get Well Message After Surgery

  • Hope you feel all the love surrounding you right now.
  • Thinking about you today and hoping it’s a good one for you.
  • Get better and get back to your amazing self soon!
  • Sending you a warm hug, love, and prayers.
  • Sending good, healthy recovery vibes your way.
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What is a good welcome message?

We are delighted and excited about working as a team starting from today. … Congratulations on being part of our dynamic team! The entire office welcomes you, and we hope to have a long and successful journey together. We love to form a team, work with enthusiastic, creative people, and have a great learning attitude.

How do you greet welcome back?

Here is our selection of “welcome back from vacation quotes”.

  1. You’ll soon be able to get back to your previous routine.
  2. Hope you’ll once again learn to enjoy working.
  3. It’s noble of you to come back to work after the holidays.
  4. You’ll like being back at work now that you’ve been promoted and gotten a pay raise.

How do you write a speedy recovery message?

Get Well Wishes

  1. Feel better soon!
  2. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Hoping you find strength with each new day. …
  4. Have a speedy recovery!
  5. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery!
  6. May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.
  7. Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

How do I send a message to concern?

Be Genuine

Above all else, any message of care and concern needs to be genuine. In other words, take the time to write or verbally express concern from the heart. Go beyond simply saying “I’m sorry this happened” and strive to create a human moment that shows the employee you truly care about them.

What do you say to a coworker having surgery?

I’m glad to hear that your recent surgery went well, and I look forward to your full recovery! I’m praying that God will grant you many more years of good health. All the best and get better soon.” “I am so sorry to hear about your surgery, but I’m relieved to hear that everything went well.

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How do I write a return to work letter from sick leave?

I would like to inform you that I will be joining work from my sick leave on the ___________ (date) as per the instructions of my doctor. As you are aware, ___________ (name of the condition) from the past ___________ (duration). I am well on my way to complete recovery, and I am out of the quarantine period.