What should I wear after Panniculectomy?

What do I need after a Panniculectomy?

Following your panniculectomy, gauze dressings or bandages will be applied to your incisions. An elastic bandage or compression garment may minimize swelling and support the abdomen as it heals following surgery.

How do you sit after a Panniculectomy?

However, this jackknifed position is critical for the first week, even when attempting to sit or lie down. The knees should be lifted, the feet and the head should maintain an elevated position whether it’s with pillows or with a recliner chair. This protects the incision and protects the abdominoplasty results.

How do you reduce swelling after Panniculectomy?

Reducing Swelling After a Tummy Tuck

  1. Soothe Your Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Medication. One of the quickest ways to reduce swelling after a tummy tuck is to take an anti-inflammatory medication. …
  2. Wear a Compression Garment. …
  3. Consume Healthy Foods. …
  4. Exercise. …
  5. Keep All Follow-up Appointments.

Can I sleep on my side after Panniculectomy?

Surgeons often recommend sleeping on your back while recovering from a tummy tuck, but you may be able to sleep on your side a few weeks after surgery. When you sleep on your back, you should elevate yourself with pillows.

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What can I eat after Panniculectomy?

There are no specific restrictions immediately after a tummy tuck. However, you may want to keep your diet light for the next several days. Start with clear liquids, such as water, then move on to a soft diet of raw fruits and vegetables, whole-grain cereals, yogurt, soft cheeses, soups, and pudding.

How long should you wear a binder after a Panniculectomy?

An abdominal binder will need to be worn continuously for the first 2 weeks. After two weeks, the binder may be removed at night, although full-time use is preferable. The binder may be discontinued after 6 weeks.

How bad is the pain after a Panniculectomy?

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER: Moderate swelling of abdomen is expected; this will subside in 6 to 9 weeks. It is common to have discomfort at the outside of the abdomen and mild burning around the lower incision after panniculectomy surgery – this is normal, and will improve shortly after surgery.

How bad does a Panniculectomy hurt?

Panniculectomy patients can expect pain and discomfort from swelling and bruising at the incision sites. Your stitches may be removed within a week while deeper sutures dissolve on their own.

How much weight can you lose with a Panniculectomy?

Results: Average abdominal skin resection was 16.1 pounds, ranging from 10.3 to 49 pounds. Hernia repair was necessary in 13 patients. Additional surgery performed at the time of panniculectomy included skin reduction surgery of the back (40 percent), chest (32 percent), inner thigh (28 percent), and arm (28 percent).

How long does it take for swelling to go down after Panniculectomy?

You may experience temporary pain, soreness, numbness of abdominal skin, incision discomfort. Maximum discomfort will occur the first few days. You will have bruising and swelling of the abdomen. The majority of bruising and swelling will subside in 6-8 weeks.

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Does walking reduce swelling after surgery?

This helps to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and minimize the risk of postoperative complications, such as blood clots. Simply walking around the room or to and from the bathroom several times a day is usually sufficient for the first several days after surgery.

When can I wear jeans after tummy tuck?

Most swelling and inflammation from tummy tuck surgery subsides after four to six weeks. Once you have been cleared by Dr. Dauwe, you can begin to have fun with your clothing selection.