What should I do after AV fistula surgery?

How long does it take to recover from AV fistula surgery?

Despite these benefits, the healing time for the AV fistula surgery is typically 6-8 weeks (called “maturing”), making it less ideal for some patients.

What is the fastest way to recover from a fistula surgery?

Tips and advice to aid recovery

Follow up with a doctor after the procedure. Most providers schedule a visit a few weeks after surgery to ensure healing is going well. Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of constipation and keep stools soft. Ask a doctor when to go to the hospital or follow up.

How do you care for a new fistula?

Do not take blood pressure measurements from your fistula arm • Do not have any blood tests taken from your fistula arm • No needles, infusions, or drips go in your fistula arm • Do not wear any tight or restrictive clothing on your fistula arm • Avoid sleeping on your fistula arm • Do not use sharp objects near your …

What can I expect after an arm fistula surgery?

It is normal to experience some pain and swelling over the next several days. For the first few days after your access surgery, keep your arm elevated on pillows whenever possible. Be sure to keep your arm above the level of your heart to control swelling and ease any discomfort you may be feeling.

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How do you care for AV grafts?

Take these steps to keep your AV fistula or graft working well: keep your vascular access clean at all times.

Avoid putting pressure on your access area by:

  1. Not sleeping or resting on your access area.
  2. Not carrying bags or heavy objects across your access area.
  3. Not wearing tight clothes or jewelry around your access area.

When can I exercise after fistula surgery?

Activity After Hemodialysis Fistula or Graft Access Surgery

Please avoid heavy physical exercise or exertion for two weeks. Please do not drive until you have stopped taking your prescription pain medication. You may go back to routine daily activities as soon as you like – as long as they do not involve heavy lifting.

Can I sit after fistula surgery?

You may need rest for a few days after your operation, but you should avoid sitting still for a long time. Also avoid doing too much walking.

Can fistula come back after surgery?

Unfortunately, despite proper treatment and complete healing, an abscess or a fistula can come back. If an abscess comes back, it suggests that perhaps there is a fistula that needs to be treated. If a fistula comes back, additional surgery will likely be required to treat the problem.

How do I know if my AV fistula is working?

You need to look, listen and feel for signs that your AV fistula is functioning properly. Look – Look at your access to check for signs of infection – swelling, redness, warmth and drainage are all signs to watch for. Also note if there are any changes to the skin, such as bleeding, bulging or peeling.

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Can you shower with an AV graft?

If you have a graft or fistula, keep the dressing dry for the first 2 days. You can bathe or shower as usual after the dressing is removed. If you have a central venous catheter, you must keep the dressing dry at all times. Cover it with plastic when you shower.