What kind of surgery is tympanoplasty?

Is tympanoplasty a major or minor surgery?

Fat Tympanoplasty

This is another minor procedure that can be performed in the office.

How serious is a tympanoplasty?

In most cases, eardrum repairs are very successful. More than 90 percent of patients recover from tympanoplasty with no complications. The outcome of the surgery may not be as good if the bones of your middle ear need to be repaired in addition to your eardrum. Eardrum perforation.

What is a tympanoplasty surgery?

Tympanoplasty (say “tim-PAN-oh-plass-tee”) is surgery to repair a hole in the eardrum. The surgery may have been done to improve hearing or to stop frequent ear infections that did not get better with other treatments.

How long does it take to heal after a tympanoplasty?

Full tympanoplasty surgery recovery time can be 2 to 3 months. In fact, the hearing will probably be worse than it was before surgery until this packing dissolves. At the first post-operative visit, your doctor may gently clean the ear canal with a vacuum in order to inspect the reconstructed eardrum.

How painful is a tympanoplasty?

PAIN – There is usually only mild pain following ear surgery. Some discomfort may be felt for the first 24 hours if a pressure dressing is applied to the ear. Once this is removed, however, most discomfort subsides. There may be occasional fleeting, stabbing pain in the ear up to one week after surgery.

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What is the success rate of tympanoplasty?

In previous studies, success rates for inlay tympanoplasty have ranged from 68% to 100%. The present study showed an overall success rate of 87%, which is acceptable compared with that of underlay tympanoplasty. Sex and smoking showed significant differences in success rates in univariate analysis.

How do I know if tympanoplasty failed?

Facial paralysis due to nerve damage. Tinnitus or a sensation of noise in the ear. Abnormal taste or even dryness in the mouth. A feeling of dizziness for several hours after the surgery.

Can tympanoplasty cure tinnitus?

Results: 82.6% of patients had improvement or elimination of tinnitus after tympanoplasty The mean score of postoperative intolerance to tinnitus (1.91 for 30 and 180 days) was significantly different from preoperative scores (5.26).

How long does it take for ear surgery to heal?

The healing time for ear surgery is often less than expected and the results are worth the wait. While swelling should be completely gone after four to six weeks, your healing will continue for the entire first year.

Is tympanoplasty a day surgery?

For tympanoplasty, however, day surgery was uniformly favored. At our institution, 88.6% of hospitalization patients had no complications during their stay.