What is the revenue code for outpatient surgery?

Do outpatient claims have revenue codes?

All electronic claims submitted by an outpatient facility provider or hospital must include a supporting HCPCS or CPT code with a revenue code. … If more than one HCPCS or CPT code is needed for a revenue code you should repeat the revenue code on a separate line.

What is Revenue Code 450 used for?

Commonly Billed Services

Revenue Code Description Payment Status
450 Emergency room: general classification ER All-Inclusive Payment
0250 Pharmacy Included in ER All-Inclusive Payment
030x Laboratory Not included in ER All-Inclusive Payment
0730 EKG/ECG Not included in ER All-Inclusive Payment

What is Revenue Code 276?

Code 276 for IOL implants (cataracts)

What is revenue Code in medical billing?

In short, Revenue Codes are descriptions and dollar amounts charged for hospital services provided to a patient. The revenue code tells an insurance company whether the procedure was performed in the emergency room, operating room or another department.

What is revenue Code 230?

230 – Billing for Drugs and Biologicals. 240 – Inpatient Part B Hospital Services.

What is revenue Code 024?

Typically only Medicare Advantage contracts are negotiated based on the inpatient prospective payment system. … (Note: HIPPS Case Mix Group code must be billed with revenue code 024).

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What is revenue Code 932?

Revenue Code & Description. (Corresponding Level of Care) 932 = Medical Rehabilitation.

What is revenue Code 260?

260. Intravenous therapy: general classification.

What is revenue Code 360 used for?

Use revenue code 360 for operating room services for hospital-based ASCs. Entering specific revenue codes other than 360 will delay processing but will not affect payment. Entering “1” in form locator 46 of the UB-04 usually indicates a singular service.