What happens if you touch your eye after LASIK?

What happens if you accidentally touch your eyes after LASIK?

If your eyes or eyelids are accidentally rubbed or bumped, there is a chance the flap could be displaced following LASIK or that the corneal epithelium could be disturbed following PRK.

Can you touch your eye after LASIK?

It’s very hard to avoid touching your eyes, but you should not touch or rub your eyes for at least two weeks after your LASIK procedure. Rubbing or touching your eyes can interfere with the recovery process.

What should I do if I rub my eye after LASIK?

If you rub your eyes, the foreign particle could scratch your cornea, injuring your eye. Natural tears or eye drops are the best way for you to push out the foreign particle from your eye. If you have flushed your eye and still cannot remove the particle, see an eye doctor right away for help with extracting it.

How do I know if I dislodged my flap after LASIK?

In the very unlikely event that your LASIK flap has moved, you will definitely know it. A flap dislocation would cause notable pain, discomfort, excessive watering in the eye, and/or blurred vision.

Can I rub eyes 3 months after LASIK?

As a good rule of thumb, you should only put light pressure (with no rubbing) on the eyes for the first two weeks post-op. After this time, and for a couple of months, it is okay to gently rub your eyes.

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How long will eyes be scratchy after LASIK?

It is also common for patients to feel itchy, scratchy, or foreign body sensations in the eyes for several days after LASIK. These sensations usually improve day after day.