What can I eat the day before open heart surgery?

What is a good meal to eat the night before surgery?

You may eat light solid foods up to 6 hours before your scheduled arrival time. A light meal is: juice or coffee with milk or cream. 1 piece of toast or 1 bowl of oatmeal or hot cereal.

What can you not eat 24 hours before surgery?

For decades, anesthesiologists advised patients not to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery-a guideline referred to as “NPO after midnight.” But many doctors now believe that some food and drinks, like tea or coffee without milk or cream, may be acceptable prior to a procedure.

What should you avoid before heart surgery?

It is advisable to discontinue blood-thinning medications—such as aspirin, Coumadin®, Plavix®, Motrin®, Vitamin E, and Fish Oils—4-5 days prior to surgery. Consult with your physician before stopping any medication.

What should I eat before and after heart surgery?

A low sodium diet is also recommended because too much salt can cause changes in our bodies that put stress on our hearts. Ideally you’ll also want to add lots more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; these foods not only help with overall health, but also with our hearts.

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What should you not eat the day before surgery?

All pre-surgical patients should avoid foods that contain a natural compound called solanaceous glycoalkaloids (SGAs) — which are found in tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant — for at least seven days prior to any surgical procedure.

Can I eat eggs the day before surgery?

if your surgery is in the AFTERNOON: You may have a light breakfast at least 6 hours before surgery. A light breakfast consists of liquids, 1 egg or cereal or a piece of toast. Do not eat greasy foods such as bacon or sausage. No smoking for at least 12 hours before surgery.

What’s considered a light meal?

A light meal consists of a small amount of food, or of food that is easy to digest.

What soups can you eat on a clear liquid diet?


  • bouillon.
  • clear broths (beef, chicken, vegetable)
  • strained and pureed vegetable soup.
  • strained meat- or cream-based soups (may contain pureed veggies or meat)

What should I do the night before surgery?

Do not smoke, eat, or drink anything, including water, candy, gum, mints and lozenges after midnight on the night before surgery.

  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink anything, including water, candy, gum, mints and lozenges after midnight on the night before surgery. …
  • Do not shave your surgical area before your procedure.

How do you prepare your home after open heart surgery?

Recovery at Home After Your Heart Surgery

  1. Activity. After heart surgery, your body must heal for several weeks. …
  2. Rest. During the day, balance your activity with rest times. …
  3. Stairs. You may climb stairs. …
  4. Driving. Do not drive a car until after your visit with your surgeon. …
  5. Bathing. Shower daily. …
  6. Sex. …
  7. Feelings.
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How do I prepare for open heart surgery?

Prepare Yourself

  1. Quit smoking and drinking at least two weeks before your open-heart procedure. …
  2. Start your deep breathing exercises early. …
  3. See a dentist. …
  4. Eat well and exercise. …
  5. Do your homework. …
  6. Appoint a point person.

What should I pack for open heart surgery?

What should you bring to the hospital?

  • Loose-fitting pants or shorts. Why? …
  • Comfortable, slip-on shoes or slippers.
  • Women may want to consider a special bra. Post-surgery bras can be helpful, especially for women who usually need substantial support. …
  • Something loose and comfortable to wear when it’s time to go home.