Should I have surgery on my broken finger?

What type of finger breaks require surgery?

Phalangeal neck fractures – This injury usually happens when a finger takes a direct hit, often during sports. It causes pain, swelling and loss of motion in the finger. It usually requires surgery, which involves placing pins and a cast, to heal correctly.

Is broken finger surgery painful?

You will be limited for the first 4-6 weeks with pain, weakness, and stiffness in the hand and fingers. Most patients have minimal pain and good functional motion by 3 months after surgery. Your symptoms will continue to improve by working in therapy. It is important that you consistently work with your therapist.

Is surgery necessary for broken finger?

Most broken fingers can be successfully treated without surgery. Nonsurgical finger fracture fixation can be achieved with the patient wearing a splint or a cast to hold the finger straight and in its proper position, protecting it from further injury as it heals.

When do you need finger surgery?

Your doctor may recommend surgery if you’re healthy and have tried other treatments without success, or if your symptoms are severe. Nonsurgical treatments include: resting the hand for three to four weeks by not doing activities that require repetitive motion.

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How long is recovery from finger surgery?

Your doctor will take out your stitches 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. It will probably take about 6 weeks for your finger to heal completely. After it heals, your finger may move easily without pain. How soon you can return to work depends on your job.

Is it too late to fix broken finger?

After an injury, if swelling and pain still limit the use of your fingers, or your fingers become numb, then you will want to seek medical attention. If your injury includes crushed tissue, laceration, exposed bone, you must go to the emergency room or seek medical care immediately.

How long does a broken finger need to be splinted?

Usually a splint on a fractured finger is worn for about 3 weeks. You may need more x-rays over this time so that your doctor can monitor the progress of your finger as it heals.

Can you fix a broken finger that healed wrong?

Doctors determine if the position of a fracture will allow for functional use of the hand or arm after it heals. In many cases, when a fracture heals in a position that interferes with the use of the involved limb, surgery can be performed to correct it.