Quick Answer: Why does my knee still hurt 3 months after ACL surgery?

Is pain normal 3 months after ACL surgery?

Once someone has had a surgery like this, it is not uncommon to have anterior knee pain, or pain on the front of the knee after the surgery. This type of pain typically sets in around 1-2 months after and can persist for periods of time if not addressed appropriately.

When does knee pain go away after ACL surgery?

The first question has a simple but imprecise answer: it depends. If your surgery was successful with no complications and you plan to follow the rehabilitation recommendations of your orthopedic surgeon to the letter, the best guess is no less than six months.

What can I do after 3 months of ACL surgery?

6 Weeks to 3 Months After Surgery

  1. Perform lateral training exercises such as lunges and side steps.
  2. Do flutter-style swimming strokes.
  3. Avoid cutting or pivoting motions.
  4. Continue strength exercises, and begin sport-specific training.

How long before pain subsides after ACL surgery?

But if you are on your feet at work, it may take 4 to 6 weeks. If you are very physically active in your job, it may take 4 to 6 months.

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What happens at 6 months after ACL surgery?

At 6 months post-op, you’re still probably learning proper motor control for vital movements like cutting or lateral shuffling. This means you actually aren’t yet ready to get back out onto the field, which brings up an important point about this first RTS: you’re not going to pass it. Don’t panic!

How do you know if ACL reconstruction failed?

The signs of ACL graft failure can include swelling, pain within the knee, locking within the knee, a mechanical block (which can be due to a bucket-handle tear of the meniscus), lack of full motion, and difficulty with twisting, turning, and pivoting.

What pain is normal after ACL surgery?

Kneecap pain (patellofemoral pain) is the scourge of ACL rehabilitation. Sometimes the kneecap is damaged with the original injury but more often than not, the kneecap pain is a secondary event because of tightness of the tissues on the outer half of the knee and weakness of the quadriceps which develops after surgery.

How long does it take to fully recover from ACL surgery?

What’s the recovery time? Six to nine months is typically how long it takes to recover from ACL surgery.

Why is ACL recovery so long?

Like all ligaments, the ACL takes a very long time to heal. The reason is because ligaments are poorly vascularized. In other words, there aren’t many blood vessels to provide nutrients for the ligaments, and without nutrients, tissue repair is not possible. Oftentimes, ACL tears require a surgical graft.

When is ACL graft healed?

While the 6 month time frame is typically the earliest patients are allowed to return to contact sports, graft healing and recovery can take up to 12 months or more.

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Why is my knee so stiff after ACL surgery?

Knee postoperative stiffness manifests as an insufficient range of motion, which can be caused by poor graft position, cyclops lesions, and arthrofibrosis [5,6,7]. Previous studies reported that after ACL reconstruction, the incidence of joint stiffness was between 4 and 38% [8].