Quick Answer: How can I heal faster after LASIK?

How long does it take for LASIK to fully heal?

Although you will quickly notice a significant improvement in your vision, recovering from LASIK is an ongoing process. Full recovery varies by patient, and it may take three to six months for your vision to fully stabilize. During this time, your LASIK surgeon will meet with you regularly to check on your vision.

What helps after LASIK?

After LASIK, Rest Your Eyes

The best possible thing you can do after your LASIK procedure is over is to go home and sleep. Once the numbing eye drops wear off, you may feel some slight discomfort. Resting your eyes after taking over-the-counter pain medication is the best way to combat any discomfort you may feel.

How long does it take for vision to stabilize after LASIK?

You will end up with better vision, but sometimes, it takes as much as six months for your vision to stabilize. Before it stabilizes, your vision might look a little blurry.

Does eye flap heal after LASIK?

The corneal flap begins healing immediately after the LASIK procedure. In fact, with the use of a LASIK flap, the corneal tissue can be as much as 90% healed within 24 hours. During the first day or two after surgery, the outer surface of the cornea, known as the epithelium, seals the edges of the corneal flap.

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What food is good after eye surgery?

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and vitamin E in high quantity. Vitamin C is key for healthy eyes. Vitamin C and vitamin E are potent antioxidants which protect eye form eye diseases.

Dark leafy green vegetables good for eye health include:

  • Kale.
  • Spinach.
  • Collard greens.

How long will my eyes burn after Lasik?

How long do eyes hurt after LASIK? The eyes are usually uncomfortable for one to two days after LASIK surgery, but some patients will experience eye pain for as long as one month. On notably rare occasions, a patient might experience pain or burning of the eyes for as long as a year post-op.

Why are my eyes still blurry after LASIK?

Dry Eyes: Creating the LASIK flap will temporarily disrupt nerves that supply the cornea. These nerves usually regenerate in the first 3-6 months after LASIK. During this time, the eyes tend to be dry and this can cause vision to be blurred or to fluctuate.

Why is my vision getting worse after LASIK?

One of the biggest causes of vision changes after laser eye surgery is presbyopia. This is an age-related condition that occurs as the lens in the eye stiffens and hardens. This makes it more difficult for the eye to focus on items that are up close.