Quick Answer: Does Lasik disqualify you for Air Force?

Can I join Air Force with LASIK?

According to AviatorsHQ.com, Army, Navy and Air Force pilot applicants who had PRK or LASIK surgery no longer are disqualified automatically from flight training. Though their vision still could be a disqualifying factor, it is no longer an automatic DQ.

Does LASIK disqualify you from being a pilot in Air Force?

The FAA requires that civil airmen with refractive surgical procedures (e.g., PRK, LASIK) discontinue flying until their eyecare specialist has determined that their vision is stable and there are no significant adverse effects or complications.

Is LASIK approved for military?

In the Army, both PRK and LASIK are waived for most service personnel. LASIK is performed in the Army; however, surface ablation, such as PRK and LASEK, is the preferred procedure to be performed on combat-bound soldiers and others in special operations.

Will Air Force pay for PRK?

The military will pay for prior active duty servicemembers, yes, once in a while.

Does the Air Force prefer Lasik or PRK?

PRK is the most requested refractive surgery procedure in the Air Force, said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Jared Kelstrom, 60th Medical Group, Warfighter Refractive Surgery Center director.

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Does Lasik permanently fix eyes?

How Permanent Is LASIK? “LASIK surgery is permanent, with a few exceptions,” ophthalmologist and Manhattan Eye director Yuna Rapoport, MD, tells WebMD Connect to Care. “There is a chance that the prescription and correction can regress, and the vision regresses slightly back to what it was before.

Can you fly in the Air Force with contacts?

However, don’t plan to wear contact lenses. The Air Force doesn’t allow them during basic training and discourages their use in the field.

Will the Marines pay for LASIK?

The Navy and Marine Corps may actually pay for LASIK surgery for soldiers, provided they are not in aviation, diving, or special forces, and they enroll in the Navy LASIK Study program. … The surgery may be disqualifying for aviation, diving, and special forces, but is now allowed for most occupational specialties.

How long do you have to wait after LASIK to join the military?

You’ll likely have a required waiting period before you do your pre-entry physical at MEPS. They want to ensure your vision is improved and your eyes have fully healed. In many cases, the waiting period is one year from your eye surgery date, but might be as little as six months depending on your branch.