Quick Answer: Can you get another herniated disc after surgery?

Can you herniate the same disc twice?

There is always the chance (about 10-15 percent) that the same disc may herniate again. It is most likely to occur in the first six weeks after surgery, but it can occur anytime. You might need a second operation if this occurs.

Is a herniated disc more likely to herniate again?

A repeat herniation occurs when a disc which has had a herniation in the past develops a new herniation. While unusual, it can happen at the same rate regardless of whether a disc receives surgical or non-surgical treatment. About 5% of all herniated discs will develop a repeat herniation.

Can you have a second discectomy?

Recurrence of a Disc Herniation

If the disc does herniate again, a revision microdiscectomy will generally be just as successful as the first operation. However, after a recurrence, the patient is at a higher risk of further recurrences.

Does a herniated disc ever heal?

Usually a herniated disc will heal on its own over time. Be patient, and keep following your treatment plan. If your symptoms don’t get better in a few months, you may want to talk to your doctor about surgery.

Can you have back surgery twice?

Unplanned repeat spinal surgery is generally an undesirable outcome for patients, surgeons, hospitals and payers. Unexpected repeat surgery may be due to persistent or recurrent symptoms, progression of the underlying disease, medical comorbidity or other patient-level factors.

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Why do I have multiple herniated discs?

An acute injury (caused by a car crash, for example) can cause herniation of several discs at once. Additionally, when an area of the spine is weakened as the result of degenerative conditions like arthritis, all the discs in the area are susceptible to herniation.

Should I have a second Microdiscectomy?

“[Microdiscectomy] is a successful surgery to begin with, [it] has low reoperation rate,” Wang said in an interview with Spine Surgery Today. “But if you need to have a second surgery, you have a high chance of needing a fusion and that is something to be considered when you are having that second surgery.”

What happens if a discectomy doesn’t work?

Treatment For Failed Microdiscectomy

These may include physical therapy, medications, and other pain management tactics. Even if these conservative treatments did not work in the past, they may be more effective with the current pain. If the issue is structural in nature, a revision surgery may be necessary.