Question: What can you eat for breakfast after gastric bypass surgery?

When can I eat scrambled eggs after gastric bypass?

You’ll eat a soft diet between weeks three and four after surgery. During this phase, you’ll continue to prioritize protein, but you’ll be able to get the nutrient from foods including scrambled eggs, hummus, and tuna/chicken salad with low fat mayo.

Can you eat oatmeal After gastric bypass?

Oats are a whole grain, the kind of low glycemic index carbohydrate that gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap band patients should eat instead of white flours.

Can I eat mashed potatoes after gastric bypass?

Bariatric pureed diet foods include:

Mashed potatoes. Unsweetened applesauce. Refried beans.

What is Candy Cane syndrome?

Candy cane syndrome is a rare complication reported in bariatric patients following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. It occurs when there is an excessive length of roux limb proximal to gastrojejunostomy, creating the possibility for food particles to lodge and remain in the blind redundant limb.

What should I eat the first week after gastric bypass?

Diet for the First Two Weeks Post-Surgery

  • Nonfat or 1% milk, if you can tolerate milk.
  • Lactose-free or soy-based low-calorie drinks.
  • Sugar-free pudding.
  • Sugar-free, nonfat yogurt.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Blended broth-based soup or other low-fat soups.

When can I eat cheese after gastric bypass?

Week 4 diet

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Now that you’re one month post-surgery, you can start adding solid foods to your diet. This is the time to put your new healthy-eating skills into action, full force. Sugar and fat, including high-fat dairy, should still be avoided, as should hard-to-digest foods such as steak, fibrous vegetables, and nuts.

Can you eat peanut butter after bariatric surgery?

Peanut butter is a healthy fat, which may irritate your stomach during the time. Peanut butter also has a good amount of carbohydrates, which are forbidden in this time frame after surgery. It also tends to get paired with jams full of sugar and white bread.