Question: Can you walk after neck surgery?

What are the side effects of neck surgery?

Some risks related to neck surgery can include:

  • bleeding or hematoma at the surgical site.
  • infection of the surgical site.
  • injury to the nerves or spinal cord.
  • leakage of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
  • C5 palsy, which causes paralysis in the arms.
  • degeneration of areas adjacent to the surgical site.

How long does it take to recover from major neck surgery?

Usually, you will have to remain in the hospital for around two days following this surgery. Further recovery will happen over the next four to six weeks, after which you can return to light activities. Full recovery takes around two to three months.

How long after neck surgery can I exercise?

Beginning a home exercise program during the first six weeks after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery is shown to be safe, according to results from a recent study published in Spine.

How long do you need to wear collar after cervical neck surgery?

Following a laminotomy, foraminotomy or laminectomy you will wear a cervical collar for approximately 4 weeks. This may vary on a case to case basis. You must wear your brace at all times, with the exception of showering.

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What can you not do after neck surgery?

Don’t forget about your restrictions for the first 6 weeks after surgery. You need to avoid twisting and bending. You also need to avoid lifting, pushing or pulling objects greater than 5 to 10 lbs. Lifting and activity restrictions will be gradually removed as the healing process takes place.

How many hours does neck surgery take?

ACDF surgery can usually be done in 1 to 2 hours, but may take up to 3 or more hours. The time depends on how many discs will be removed, how badly the discs or vertebrae [VUR-tuh-brey] are diseased, and other factors. Your surgeon will give you a general idea about how long your surgery might last.

How long does throat hurt after cervical fusion?

This should be worn at all times (including in bed) but may be removed for showering. 3) About 3-4 days after surgery, you throat will become swollen. This usually lasts 1-2 days and you may want to sleep in a recliner for that time. It improves quickly but call the office if it persists.

How much pain is there after neck surgery?

After surgery, you can expect your neck to feel stiff and sore. This should improve in the weeks after surgery. You may have trouble sitting or standing in one position for very long and may need pain medicine in the weeks after your surgery. You may need to wear a neck brace for a while.

How far should I walk after ACDF surgery?

A daily walking program should typically begin the first week with walking about 1 or 2 blocks, and increase each day. Taking several walks throughout the day, every few hours, is best. Even short walks in the home can be helpful. Rest is important, but too much standing, sitting, or lying down can lead to stiffness.

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Can you drive after neck fusion?

Driving. Patients may begin driving when the pain has decreased to a mild level and mobility of the neck has improved, which is usually between 10-14 days after surgery. Patients need to be able to turn their neck and body enough to see right and left while driving.

Is it normal to have shoulder pain after neck surgery?

It is very common to have neck pain and pain between the shoulder blades for the first few weeks following an ACDF. This is incisional and normal post-operative pain, and should slowly improve as the wound and muscles heal.