Is OnlineMedEd good for surgery shelf?

What can I use for surgery shelf?

What resources are best for studying for the Surgery Shelf Exam?

  • UWorld. As with other Shelf Exams, UWorld is the go-to resource. …
  • AMBOSS. This resource has multiple parts integrated into one platform. …
  • Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes. …
  • OnlineMedEd. …
  • Step Up to Medicine.

Is Pestana enough for surgery shelf?

Unfortunately, Pestana does not cover everything you’ll need to know for the shelf; it’s just a very good overview. Below I recommend other texts you can use throughout your rotation. During your last week try to go through Pestana 1-2 more times. It’ll be much easier to skim this time around.

What is passing on the surgery shelf?

o A passing score on the NBME Surgery Shelf Exam is 59 or higher. o The assignment will be graded by a faculty member and assigned a final grade out of 30. No rounding will occur during the year but a year-end review will be completed and grades adjusted at the discretion of the clerkship director.

What is a good surgery shelf score?

University of Alabama School of Medicine 1) Passing score for shelf: Family/rural higher than 2SD below mean, IM higher than 60, OB above 59, Peds above 60, Psych 62 or greater, Neuro above 60, Surgery above 60.

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Is UWorld enough for shelves?

Unfortunately, the UWorld questions alone (besides for IM) are not enough to honor the Shelf exams! You need to supplement with a deeper level of knowledge and granularity gained by doing one other full question book from front to back.

Are Pestanas questions good?

Full Member. Pestanas is only useful as a quick reference so you don’t look like a complete idiot in the OR. But if you rely on Pestanas alone, you won’t honor and you may not pass.

How do you succeed in surgical rotation?

How to Excel on Your Surgery Rotation:

  1. Gather Your Resources in Advance. Have your rotation resources already available before your first day. …
  2. Be Punctual & Be Present. Never, ever, ever be late. …
  3. Be Assertive. Always ask to see more, do more, and be more involved in patient management. …
  4. Last But Not Least, Be Courteous.

What are shelf exams?

What are shelf examinations? Shelf examinations are subject-based, standardized exams meant to evaluate knowledge acquisition in the seven clerkships that have been identified as the foundation of medicine: internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry and neurology.

How do you approach a shelf question?

Summary: Key Strategies to Answering a USMLE/NBME Question

  1. Start with the question stem and look at the answer choices—this allows you to frame your thinking.
  2. Read the case with a balanced pace without overly focusing on every detail or underthinking and just relying on buzzwords. …
  3. Deduce! …
  4. Pick the best answer.

Is UWorld harder than shelf?

The shelf was a touch easier than UWorld but still challenging. My UWorld was slightly below the average (only did about ~1300/1400 questions; did not do incorrects).

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What happens if you fail a shelf exam?

Students who fail a Shelf Exam are required to remediate the Shelf Exam during a specified make-up date in July, or by special arrangement during vacation or elective time. Students may not make up a Shelf Exam for a clerkship while they are taking another clerkship.

How common is it to fail a shelf exam?

It is indeed pretty rare for a student to fail a shelf at my school. There are certainly people who do well below the class average though and tank their clerkship grade as a result.

Is it hard to pass shelf exams?

Are Shelf Exams Hard? Definitely. The shelf exams are not just exams you can pass without preparing for it. I don’t think remaining awake during your clinical rotations is enough to prepare you for your shelves unless you’re a genius of course.