Is nickel used in knee replacement?

How much nickel is in a knee replacement?

“Furthermore, there is less than 1% nickel in the cobalt-alloy implants commonly used in joint replacement, making nickel allergy an unlikely phenomenon in the setting of total knee replacement, for example.”

Can you get a knee replacement if you’re allergic to nickel?

The pragmatic approach adopted by most contact dermatologists for patients known to be allergic to nickel, cobalt or chromium and who require joint replacement is to recommend prostheses made of titanium-based alloys.

Are knee replacements made out of nickel?

Metal on plastic.

This is the most common type of implant. It features a metal femoral component that rides on a polyethylene plastic spacer attached to the tibial component. The metals commonly used include cobalt-chromium, titanium, zirconium, and nickel.

Is there a nickel free knee replacement?

If she truly is allergic, there are nickel-free replacement joints available. Most joints are an alloy of several metals, but some of the titanium alloys contain no nickel at all. Her orthopedic surgeon has access to information about nickel content in the various implants available.

Is nickel used in joint replacement?

Elements Used in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasties

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Nickel, being the metal with the highest percentage of metal sensitivity, is usually included in orthopaedic implants because it grants necessary strength and durability to implants.

Does surgical titanium contain nickel?

Look for jewelry made from such metals as nickel-free stainless steel, surgical-grade stainless steel, titanium, 18-karat yellow gold, or nickel-free yellow gold and sterling silver. Surgical-grade stainless steel may contain some nickel, but it’s generally considered hypoallergenic for most people.

Are there non metal knee replacements?

The metal-free BPK-S ceramic total knee replacement system proved to be a safe and clinically efficient alternative to metal implants in this short-term follow-up study.

Does titanium contain nickel?

While titanium is considered to be “nickel free,” and titanium alloy is commonly used as an alternative to stainless steel alloys for patients who may have nickel sensitivity, it is possible that trace amounts of impurities including nickel could be contained within these materials.

What is the newest technology in knee replacement?

This latest advancement in joint replacement surgery transforms the way knee replacements are performed. “The Mako system is a revolutionary tool to help joint surgeons be more precise in placing implants to achieve the most appropriate, balanced position possible,” explained orthopedic surgeon Harold Cates, MD.