Is it normal to have a lot of bruising after wrist and hand surgery?

Is bruising normal after hand surgery?

Bruising is also common after operations. There may be some minor seepage from your wound following the surgery and this will settle over time.

Is it normal to have bruised fingers after wrist surgery?

Often the fingers will become bruised and appear blue and yellow. Depending on the type of surgery you have, your physician will instruct you on recommended activities within the limitations of the dressing, cast, or splint.

Is bruising normal after carpal tunnel surgery?

You might not feel comfortable doing any heavy lifting (10 pounds or more) for the first few weeks after surgery. Bruising in the palm and wrist is natural following an endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Warm water soaks in the sink will help the bruising resolve and reduce any stiffness you feel.

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How long does inflammation last after hand surgery?

Swelling. Swelling is natural after surgery for the first week. Reducing swelling helps speed recovery and will lessen your pain. The following two suggestions can help reduce your swelling.

How much swelling is normal after wrist surgery?

You’ll notice swelling for the first week after surgery which is a normal response. Reducing swelling will help speed up the recovery process while also minimizing your pain. Elevation: Prop your arm up on a few pillows while you’re sitting or lying down.

How long does hand surgery take to heal?

For example, the recovery process for repairing a torn tendon can take up to 12 weeks for your hand to return to full strength, and up to six months for you to regain full mobility. Other types of surgeries, such as certain fracture repairs, can take anywhere from six to 14 weeks to heal.

How do you get rid of stiff fingers after surgery?

The first-line treatment for stiffness is hand therapy, often using splints with springs or rubber bands on them to stretch out the digit. A certified hand therapist will be most effective in mobilizing the digit. Therapy is continued for as long as it continues to increase motion.

How long does wrist surgery take to heal?

Depending on the type of wrist surgery you get done, your recovery can be anywhere from 4 – 12 weeks. Most patients are able to heal in about a month and can begin rehabilitation soon after. During the healing period, you should wear appropriate casts or braces as directed by your surgeon.

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Why are my fingers stiff after wrist surgery?

A bad injury or major surgery will make your hand stiff. It usually takes about 6 months to really loosen up scar tissue. Do NOT expect your hand to be “normal” after a bad injury or major surgery. After a bad injury or major surgery your hand will never be exactly as it was before.

Can you overdo it after carpal tunnel surgery?

After the carpal tunnel incision has healed, hand activity is not harmful to the recovery process. Doing too much with the hands after surgery can be sore, but it does not cause long-lasting damage.

How long should you elevate your hand after carpal tunnel surgery?

You may experience some swelling in your fingers and hand, this is normal. To Page 2 help relieve this please keep your hand elevated for 48 hours and then avoid leaving it hanging down for long periods of time.

How do I reduce swelling in my hands after wrist surgery?

Top 5 Tips for Recovery from Wrist Surgery

  1. Elevate your hand to decrease swelling. …
  2. Begin mobilizing fingers as soon as possible to avoid stiffness.
  3. Ice to reduce inflammation. …
  4. Attend physical therapy with a Certified Hand Therapist. …
  5. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations for full activity.

How long is recovery from plate and screws in wrist?

Most patients will be able to perform most activities of daily living at about 6 weeks but with residual stiffness, with recovery of about 50% of their normal wrist motion. At about 3 months, most patients have regained most of their motion in their hand and wrist as well as strength.

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What causes swelling after hand surgery?

For several days after surgery, the hand soaks up extra fluid like a sponge. During this time, every minute that the the hand is not elevated, it swells. However, every minute that the hand is kept elevated, veins siphon this fluid out of the hand and back to the heart.