Is ear tube surgery covered by insurance?

How much do ear tubes cost with insurance?

Ear tubes typically cost around $2,000-5,000 for people with insurance. The American Academy of Pediatrics AOM guidelines state that fluid must be present in the middle ear to definitively diagnose Acute Otitis Media (AOM).

How much do ear tubes cost without insurance?

Ear tubes: If your child has frequent ear infections, your doctor may recommend ear tube surgery. The average cost of this surgery for patients without insurance ranges from $2000 to $3000.

How much does tube surgery cost?

Ear Tube Surgery Cost Averages Around the Country

Price Range
Los Angeles, CA Ear Tube Surgery Cost Average $3,500 – $9,600
New York, NY Ear Tube Surgery Cost Average $3,000 – $8,200
Philadelphia, PA Ear Tube Surgery Cost Average $2,850 – $7,800
Washington, DC Ear Tube Surgery Cost Average $2,625 – $7,300

Do tubes count as ear surgery?

Usually, an ear tube stays in the eardrum for four to 18 months and then falls out on its own. Sometimes, a tube doesn’t fall out and needs to be surgically removed. In some cases, the ear tube falls out too soon, and another needs to be put in the eardrum.

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How long is recovery for tubes in ears?

What is the recovery time? Your child will recover within a few days. There will be some drainage and slight pain, but this will go away in three to four days. There are some bathing and swimming restrictions because water in the ear can result in infection.

Is it painful to have tubes put in your ears?

You may experience continued drainage and some mild pain in the days following ear tube placement. Be sure to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions and call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Why do adults get tubes in their ears?

Ear tubes allow pus and mucus buildup from ear infections to drain out of the ear without causing pain or increasing the risk of related complications. Prepare the ear for treatment drops. Tubes also make it easier to use antibiotic drops in the ears to treat infections.