Is a Pleurx catheter a surgical wound?

What is a surgical wound on Oasis?

Wounds and Lesions Considered Surgical Wounds

Any implanted infusion or vascular access device until it is removed, even if the device is not currently active: i.e., fistulas /shunts / grafts.

Is a peritoneal drain a surgical wound?

However, CMS has specifically stated a thoracostomy is not a surgical wound. In contrast, a paracentesis with a drain in the abdominal cavity is a surgical wound.

What is the difference between a chest tube and a PleurX catheter?

The tube may be attached to a suction device to remove excess fluid or air. Or, it may be used in a procedure called pleurodesis in which medication is delivered into the space to decrease the likelihood that fluid will accumulate. A PleurX is like a chest tube except it is smaller and designed for use at home.

Is a drain site a surgical wound?

All ostomies (including those with drains) are excluded as surgical wounds. A surgical procedure that creates a wound that is not an “ostomy”, and that has a drain (for example a Pleurx catheter, a Jackson- Pratt, etc.) would be considered a surgical wound.

Is Nephrostomy a surgical wound?

There are some skin openings that for OASIS-C pur- poses are not considered surgical wounds. These include, but are not limited to, ostomies, chest tube exit sites, and nephrostomy sites.

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Is a feeding tube considered a surgical wound?

A gastrostomy that is being allowed to close would be excluded from consideration as a wound or lesion (MO440), meaning that it could not be considered as a surgical wound.

Do surgical wounds granulate or Epithelialized?

Surgical wounds healing by primary intention do not granulate and can only be “not healing” or “newly epithelialized” for data collection. Surgical wounds healing by secondary intention can be “not healing,” “early/partial granulation,” “fully granulating,” or “newly epithelialized.”

Is a peritoneal dialysis catheter considered a surgical wound on Oasis?

A peritoneal dialysis catheter would be considered a surgical wound. The healing status of the wound can only be determined by skilled observation and assessment, utilizing the WOCN guidelines (OASIS Guidance Document) found at

Is I and D a surgical wound?

Incision and drainage and clinical lancing are minor surgical procedures to release pus or pressure built up under the skin, such as from an abscess, boil, or infected paranasal sinus.

Is a dialysis shunt considered a surgical wound?

In addition to AV fistulas, the sites of implanted venous access devices or other implanted infusion devices such as medication pumps, catheters for peritoneal dialysis, AV shunts or AV grafts should all be considered surgical wounds for as long as they are present, whether functional or not.

Is debridement considered a surgical wound?

Debridement is the word used to describe a specific surgical procedure. In a debridement, the surgeon removes damaged tissue from the body to promote healing. Tissue removed may be: Dead.

How is a PleurX catheter removed?

Firm traction is applied on the catheter and the cuff is freed by blunt dissection using the kilner needle holder (Instrapac Standard Suture Pack) inserted into the tunnel via the catheter entry site. The catheter is then with withdrawn with gentle traction and the wound is closed with a single suture.

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How long can a PleurX catheter stay in?

Notify your doctor if you continue to feel short of breath after draining 1000mL of fluid. How long will the catheter be in my chest or abdomen? Chest: The catheter will be in your chest until fluid stops draining. The amount of time will vary from patient to patient, anywhere from a few weeks to several months.