How much is surgery for stenotic nares?

Is stenotic nares surgery necessary?

Often surgery will be necessary; prognosis can be positive. Stenotic nares are characterized by a malformation of the alar folds in a dog’s nose, resulting in nostrils that are too small. Stenotic nares are considered to be part of brachycephalic syndrome, found in dogs with short muzzles.

How much is dog Nare surgery?

The cost of an enlarging nasal opening surgery in dogs will run between $200 and $1,000. The price of your dog’s correctional procedure depends on the severity of the malformation and the procedure used.

When should stenotic nares be corrected?


For example, in puppies with stenotic nares it is recommended to perform rhinoplasty at 3 to 4 months of age, and at the same time perform a preliminary evaluation of the soft palate.

How long does Nare surgery take to heal?

Once home, two weeks of activity restriction (no running or jumping) will be recommended. Feeding a soft food during this time will help decrease throat pain and inflammation. The animal may have a mild cough as the irritation from the surgery diminishes. Full recovery may take six to eight weeks.

How do you know if your dog has stenotic nares?

Symptoms of stenotic nares

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Breathing difficulties with noisy inhalation. Snoring. Exercise Intolerance and fainting. Discoloration of gums (gums usually turn blue indicating the lack of oxygen)

How do you fix stenotic nares?

Stenotic nares are corrected with one of several resection techniques—alar wing amputation, punch resection, vertical wedge, horizontal wedge, alapexy and laser ablation. The goal of all techniques is to remove all or a portion of the alar wing to provide an unobstructed pathway for air to flow.

Can a puppy grow out of stenotic nares?

This condition causes narrowed or collapsed nostrils. Like rhinitis, this condition can cause your dog to breathe through their mouth. The good news is that some puppies do grow out of this issue.

How much does soft palate surgery cost?

If you needed the soft palate, laryngeal saccules and nares all corrected, then the costs could be as high as $2,500, but if you need just one of the three procedures, then the average will be within the $1,000 to $1,500 range.

How is stenotic nares surgery performed?

The corrective surgery for stenotic nares involves the removal of part of the outer fold of each nostril. This procedure will widen the nostril opening allowing your dog to breathe more easily through their nose.