How long does Sensitivity last after cataract surgery?

What helps reduce sensitivity after cataract surgery?

In some cases dry eye can cause formation of punctuate (tiny pin point) erosion’s on the corneal surface. Cornea being a very sensitive structure increases the sensitivity to the light. In these cases adding some lubricating eye drops and gels and warm compress may help.

Is sensitivity to light common after cataract surgery?

Photophobia is common after cataract and refractive surgeries, especially among patients with light-colored (blue or green) irides. It usually starts during the early weeks after the procedure.

Why do eyes hurt 2 weeks after cataract surgery?

Although increased IOP after cataract surgery—especially in the immediate postoperative period—is a potential cause of pain, I have found that the most common cause of postoperative pain is drying of the ocular surface from the preservatives in perioperative drops, exposure during surgery, and wound creation.

How long does it take for the brain to adjust to cataract surgery?

It can take the brain a little time to adjust to the change, however. Every patient is different, but the typical blended vision surgery recovery time is around 6-8 weeks.

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What are normal symptoms after cataract surgery?

Symptoms to watch for after cataract surgery

  • Vision loss.
  • Pain that persists despite the use of over-the-counter pain medications.
  • Light flashes or multiple spots (floaters) in front of your eye.
  • Nausea, vomiting or excessive coughing.

Should you avoid sunlight after cataract surgery?

How long to wear sunglasses after cataract surgery. Everyone should protect their eyes from UV rays outdoors, both before and after cataract surgery, Dr. Bansal says. In fact, UV protection may even slow the development of cataracts.

Is it normal to have pain in eye after cataract surgery?

You might feel sensitive to light or have pain, redness, and vision problems. If this happens to you, call your doctor right away. Infections after cataract surgery are rare, but if you have one, you’ll get a shot of antibiotics into your eye.

Is it normal to feel pressure in eye after cataract surgery?

Up to half of those having cataract surgery will experience some increase in pressure in their eye after the procedure, but pressure levels usually return to normal within 24 hours. Ongoing problems with increased or decreased eye pressure after surgery may be related to other eye conditions, like glaucoma.