How long does it take to weight bearing after Achilles surgery?

When can I start weight bearing after Achilles tendon surgery?

The first 6 weeks in the cast are typically non-weight bearing with crutches or other suitable device to assist with the non-weight bearing requirement. After 6 weeks in the non-removable cast, a removable walking cast is started. The period in the removable walking cast may need to last for an additional 2-6 weeks.

How long will it take to walk normally after Achilles tendon surgery?

You should be able to walk with your boot without limping at around 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. Then, the therapist may have you do: Single leg stands. Normal walking with a 1/2 inch heel raise in your normal shoes.

How do you walk in a walking boot after Achilles surgery?

Once the cast is removed, If you’re healing is progressing, you’re given a walking boot that includes a heel lift to prop your foot and ankle into the right position. You still use crutches anytime you need to bear weight on your foot.

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How long does it take to walk after non-weight bearing?

According to a survey of the members of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the average time period for non-weight bearing is five to eight weeks depending on the patient and the injury.

How can I speed up my Achilles recovery?

To speed the process, you can:

  1. Rest your leg. …
  2. Ice it. …
  3. Compress your leg. …
  4. Raise (elevate) your leg. …
  5. Take anti-inflammatory painkillers. …
  6. Use a heel lift. …
  7. Practice stretching and strengthening exercises as recommended by your doctor, physical therapist, or other health care provider.

What happens if you accidentally put weight on your foot after surgery?

Putting any weight on an operated foot or ankle can damage the repair that’s been done. Bones need time to heal. Plates or screws that may have been added during surgery need the bones to heal around them. Adding weight too soon can interrupt this important internal healing process.

Why is my foot numb after Achilles surgery?

The area immediately around an incision is often numb after surgery and may continue to be numb for several months after surgery. 5 This is caused by the nerves that run through the surgical site being damaged, and the sensation often returns in the months following surgery.

How long are you non weight bearing after Achilles tendon surgery?

Surgical repair of an Achilles can usually be performed through a small (3/4”) incision, and requires just 3-4 weeks non-weight bearing and an additional 2-3 weeks in a walking boot.

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Does walking strengthen calf muscles?

Running, walking, and hiking are excellent calf-strengthening exercises, especially when you go uphill. The steeper the climb, the more your calves have to work.

Is calf pain normal after Achilles surgery?

Pain after an Achilles tendon rupture is mostly not an issue but the dosage of activities has to be controlled in order to avoid over-use injuries. Swelling and/or pain in the lower leg are often a sign for too much physical activity and/or too little recovery.

How long should you elevate your foot after Achilles surgery?

Try to keep your leg up elevated upon a few pillows for the first 48 hours. The goal is for the leg to be above the level of your heart. Swelling is further minimized by use of ice or cold therapy directly over the site of surgery.

How long after Achilles surgery can I drive?

Drive? If you drive a manual or have your right foot operated on…you’ll have to wait until your ankle is strong and flexible enough to work the pedals. This usually takes between 6-8 weeks after surgery. You do not want to rush this; you could endanger yourself in traffic or emergency situations if you drive too soon.

When do stitches come out after Achilles surgery?

Your two incisions were closed with stitches, which were covered with small white tapes called Steri-Strips. Your Steri-Strips should be left in place until your sutures are removed 10 to 12 days after surgery.