How long do you have to wear a splint after cubital tunnel surgery?

Do you wear a splint after cubital tunnel surgery?

After surgery a splint will be applied to the elbow holding it in a bent position. This will be worn anywhere from 2-4 weeks to allow the incision to heal and let the ulnar nerve set into its new position. Full recovery will vary, but on average it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

How long is recovery time for cubital tunnel surgery?

Recovery from cubital tunnel release surgery varies from patient to patient, taking anywhere from several weeks to several months. Symptoms such as numbness or tingling may improve quickly or may take up to six months to go away.

How long do you wear a sling after cubital tunnel surgery?

The doctor will have you use a sling as needed for comfort for the first week after surgery. An ACE bandage will be worn over the elbow and will be discontinued once the stitches are removed 3 weeks after surgery.

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Can I bend my elbow after cubital tunnel surgery?

It is very common to have swelling and bruising around the elbow for up to two weeks after surgery that may limit your movement and use of the arm. Move your fingers often to help prevent stiffness. Try to bend and straighten your elbow, wrist, and fingers completely 5 or 6 times every day, right after surgery.

What can you not do after cubital tunnel surgery?

Please do not operate heavy machinery, drink alcohol or drive while using narcotic pain medication. You may use ICE to the elbow, as needed, but do not apply ice directly against the skin. You may have a sling to help support your arm while it is still numb.

When can I shower after cubital tunnel surgery?

You may shower 24 to 48 hours after surgery, if your doctor okays it. Keep your bandage dry by taping a sheet of plastic to cover it. If you have a splint, keep it dry.

How big is the incision for cubital tunnel surgery?

The incision is about 4 – 5 inches long centered at the elbow.

Can cubital tunnel return after surgery?

Normally, cubital tunnel syndrome doesn’t return after surgery. That said, results may vary depending on the severity of the condition before the surgery was performed.

Where is the incision for cubital tunnel surgery?

Surgical Treatment

In this procedure your surgeon will make an incision over the medial epicondyle, the bony bump on the inside of the elbow. The cubital tunnel is cut open through the soft tissue roof exposing the ulnar nerve.

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How long are you in a splint after elbow surgery?

Your Steri-Strips should be left in place for 9 to 12 days after surgery. The second layer is a large white fluffy dressing that is loosely wrapped around your elbow.

What can you do after cubital tunnel surgery?

Early motion is allowed, but you should not lift, push or pull anything greater than a pencil for six weeks after surgery. Rehabilitation Therapy: Physical therapy may be needed; if so, it typically starts six weeks after surgery. Driving: Do not drive while taking pain medications.

How often should you move your fingers after wrist surgery?

Move your fingers to help prevent stiffness. Try to bend (make a fist) and straighten your fingers 5 to 6 times a day. It is important to exercises your shoulder several times a day by lifting your arm overhead to minimize stiffness.