How long after sinus surgery can I bend over?

How long does it take to fully recover from sinus surgery?

You will probably be able to return to work or school in about 1 week and to your normal routine in about 3 weeks. But this varies with your job and the extent of your surgery. Most people feel normal in 1 to 2 months. You will have to visit your doctor regularly for 3 to 4 months after your surgery.

What can you not do after sinus surgery?

What to Avoid After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Nose Blowing and Straining: You should avoid straining, heavy lifting (> 20 lbs) and nose blowing for at least 10 days after surgery. Straining or nose blowing soon after surgery may cause bleeding.

How long after septoplasty can I lay flat?

You should be able to get a normal night’s sleep 3-5 days after your Septoplasty once your internal nasal splints are removed by Dr. Cohen. However, the first 3-5 days after surgery can be tough. Sleeping poorly is very common, especially during the first few nights, mainly due to pain and swelling.

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When should you go to the ER after sinus surgery?

If you have too much swelling, then you should call your doctor for reassurance. On rare occasion you may have bleeding into the area of the eye that can cause severe eye pain and risk vision. If your eye becomes tight or presses outward, that may be a medical emergency.

What happens one week after sinus surgery?

Nasal Congestion

For the first week after surgery, your head will feel stuffy. This is because you will have swelling of the mucous membranes of your nose. This is normal and expected. The stuffiness will gradually decrease over the next few weeks, so please be patient.

What comes out of nose after sinus surgery?

You may notice some dark brown nasal discharge for several weeks after your surgery. This is old blood and mucus being cleared from the sinuses and is normal. Also, thick yellow or white drainage is common. This does not mean you have a sinus infection.

How soon can I shower after sinus surgery?

DO NOT take baths or showers for 24 hours. Your nurse will show you how to clean your nose area with Q-tips and hydrogen peroxide or another cleaning solution if needed. You may go outside a few days after surgery, but DO NOT stay in the sun for more than 15 minutes.

Can I shower after nasal surgery?

You may wash your face being careful to only cleanse the area surrounding the area around the nasal tape/splint. You may shower 2 days after surgery. If you shower, use a dry washcloth or plastic wrap over splint/tape. Please shower or bathe using only lukewarm water for first 2 weeks after surgery.

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What is removed during sinus surgery?

Surgery involves enlarging the openings between the sinuses and the inside of the nose so air can get in and drainage can get out. It may involve removing infected sinus tissue, bone or polyps.

Can you sleep on your side after a septoplasty?

Do not lie flat. Raise your head with two or three pillows. This can reduce swelling. Try to sleep on your back for the month after surgery.

How can I speed up recovery from sinus surgery?

Sit with head held high high for reducing bleeding as well as swelling following surgery. Elevate the head with extra pillows and sleep on the recliner the first night after the surgery. Make sure that you have the packaging material and splints in your nose. If the packaging is obstructed, breathe through your nose.

How long will my nose be blocked after septoplasty?

NASAL CONGESTION: A stuffy nose is normal following sinus/nasal surgery due to swelling of the tissues. This may last up to one (1) week after surgery. Nasal congestion may be alleviated by humidification of the nose with a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier.

Why can’t you bend over after sinus surgery?

Avoid bending over or lifting heavy things for one week. Besides aggravating swelling, this may raise the blood pressure and start bleeding. Avoid hitting or bumping your nose for at least one week following surgery. It is not wise to pick up small children who may inadvertently bump your nose.

Is coughing normal after sinus surgery?

Pose Nasal Drip/ Cough – the healing process in the sinuses can cause an increase in mucus production. The patient may experience drainage down the back of the throat that can cause a cough for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Fever – low-grade fevers are common after surgery.

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