How long after knee fracture surgery can you walk?

When can I walk after knee fracture?

Outcomes. Most people with patella fractures do very well and return to walking and function. By six weeks, patients are extremely comfortable and usually are released to full activities such as manual labor, skiing and motocross by three months.

How long should you stay off a fractured knee?

Undisplaced patella fracture

Healing: The fracture will take 6 weeks to heal. Some pain and swelling may be on going for 3-6 months.
Pain and Swelling: Your knee may be swollen. Resting and elevating your leg will help. Take pain killers as prescribed.

How long does a broken knee take to heal after surgery?

Most people will return to their normal activities within three to six months, though those with severe injuries may require longer to heal.

How long does it take to bend your knee after patella surgery?

After 4 weeks, start bending your knee. In the first week bend your knee up to 30 degree and increase knee bending every week by 30 degree to get full movement by 8 -10 weeks.

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Can you drive with a fractured knee?

Expected return to daily activities

Return to driving: Automatic car – If your left knee is fractured: immediately. If your right knee is fractured: after 6 weeks when you no longer need the splint AND the right leg has enough strength to perform an emergency stop.

How can I walk after broken knee?

Your doctor may tell you not to put weight on your leg for several weeks to months as the bone heals. Properly-fitted crutches or a walker will help you get around during this time. Some types of fractures can heal with weight bearing, but you will likely wear a rigid boot to provide stability for walking.

When can I walk after patella surgery?

Six weeks after the first follow-up visit, you meet with your surgeon again. If the bone has healed, you may be able to start walking without crutches.

How long after patella surgery can I walk?

Although crutches or a cane may be needed for about a month following surgery, you probably will be able to put a little weight on your knee and begin walking a few days after surgery.

Can I run after patella fracture?

By six to 12 weeks, we will organize an activity plan to have you walking better and participating in other forms of exercise. Activities might include pool running and exercises in water. With regular physical therapy, you can reduce pain and continue to stay active after a patellar fracture.

How long does knee surgery take?

In a total knee replacement, both sides of your knee joint are replaced. The procedure takes 1 to 3 hours: Your surgeon makes a cut down the front of your knee to expose your kneecap. This is then moved to the side so the surgeon can get to the knee joint behind it.

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Do I need surgery for a fractured knee?

Symptoms of a broken kneecap (fracture) are swelling and pain, especially when moving the knee back and forth. You may not need surgery if the fracture has not moved your kneecap out of position. But sometimes surgery is needed to move the pieces of the kneecap back where they belong and to repair damage.

Can you walk with a hairline fracture in your knee?

Stress fractures are tiny cracks that develop in the weight-bearing bones. These are often caused by repetitive force to the bone such as during long marches, by repeatedly jumping up and down, or by running long distances. Because the cracks are tiny, you may be able to walk despite them, albeit painfully.