How do I prepare for a plastic surgery consultation?

What do I need to know before my plastic surgery consultation?

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  • How long have you been performing plastic surgery?
  • How many times have you performed the procedure(s) I am having?
  • How frequently do you perform these procedures?
  • Where will my surgery be performed, and who will administer anesthesia?

What questions should I ask at a plastic surgeon consultation?

Questions to Ask During a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

  • What procedure(s) do you recommend for me? …
  • How often do you perform this procedure? …
  • Are there before and after photos available? …
  • Would you be willing to put me in touch with previous patients? …
  • What is the cost breakdown of this procedure?

How long does it take to get plastic surgery after consultation?

Time between your consultation and your surgery date (4 to 10 weeks) Again, a highly rated plastic surgeon is likely to be booked for weeks or even months ahead.

What should you not do before plastic surgery?

Do Not:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to the morning of your surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup, lotions or perfume to surgery.
  • Do not wear fingernail polish to surgery.
  • Do not plan to drive yourself to or from the procedure.
  • Do not wear jewelry.
  • Do not bring valuables.
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What should I wear to a plastic surgery consultation?

4 Tips On What To Wear To Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

  • Choose Comfortable & Loose-Fitting Clothes. You don’t have to “dress to impress” at your plastic surgery consultation! …
  • Avoid Clothing With Awkward Closures. …
  • Wear Warm Socks & Bring A Sweater Or Jacket. …
  • Breast Augmentation: Bring A Few Extra Garments.

Do you need a physical before plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeons will be prohibited from performing elective cosmetic surgery procedures on patients who have not undergone a proper physical examination up to 30 days prior to the procedure under a law (AB 2968) that took effect on January 1, 2010.

Is plastic surgery consultation free?

Possible reasons why many cosmetic surgeons don’t charge for consultations: They are confident in their likeability, skills, staff, and services, and feel they receive adequate compensation from the many patients who do go ahead and choose to have a procedure with them.

What do I need to bring for plastic surgery?

Pack a Bag or Purse

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Face wash and lotion.
  • Two comfortable outfits, such as sweatpants and loose fitting shirts (don’t forget undergarments and socks)
  • Medications.
  • A book, magazine, or some other type of entertainment.

Do plastic surgeons negotiate price?

Because plastic surgery procedures are generally elective, they’re usually not covered by insurance unless they are medically necessary. Because the doctor performing the procedure doesn’t have to deal with insurance rates, prices may be more negotiable, and cash can be king with discounts for immediate payment.

When is the best time to do plastic surgery?

Winter – December through March

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According to Robert Tornambe, M.D., this is an ideal time to undergo any kind of plastic surgery. Breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuction, you name it and this is a great time of year to have it done.

What can I expect at a consultation?

Once your doctor understands your medical needs, they will discuss and develop a plan of care specific to you. You will meet with our support staff that will assist you with insurance questions, financing and scheduling of your treatment.