Frequent question: What kind of surgeon does breast surgery?

What kind of doctor specializes in breasts?

A breast surgeon is a general surgeon with a specific interest in treating patients with breast disease.

Can a general surgeon do breast surgery?

Thus, breast surgeons are certified in general surgery, a specialty that comprises a wide range of operations, including removing appendixes and fixing hernias. General surgeons typically begin practicing after completing 5 years of general surgery residency, which includes breast surgeries.

What type of doctor does breast cancer surgery?

Surgical oncologist.

A doctor who specializes in the surgical treatment of cancer. Surgical oncologists do biopsies and other procedures such as removing a lump or a breast. These doctors have completed general surgery training and have received additional training in surgical oncology.

Who can perform mastectomy?

A general surgeon performs a mastectomy. A general surgeon specializes in the surgical treatment of a wide variety of diseases, disorders and conditions. Some general surgeons specialize in the treatment of patients with breast disease; they may use the term breast surgeon.

Why am I being referred to a breast surgeon?

Doctors often refer their patients to a breast surgeon to diagnose and treat a suspicious breast lump or change in the shape or texture of breast tissue. Breast surgeons also confirm a diagnosis of breast disease made by other doctors.

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Is a breast surgeon an oncologist?

A surgical oncologist (a.k.a. a breast surgeon) is trained to treat cancer by removing tumors and other cancerous tissues. They can also perform breast biopsies to confirm the diagnosis or stage the disease. A surgical oncologist may be one of several healthcare providers you will turn to when faced with breast cancer.

Does a surgeon do a breast biopsy?

Rarely, a surgical biopsy might be done in the doctor’s office. But most often it’s done in a hospital’s outpatient department. You are typically given local anesthesia with intravenous (IV) sedation. (This means you’re awake, but your breast is numbed, and you’re given medicine to make you drowsy.)

Can neurosurgeon perform general surgery?

It is a residency. It’s the longest of all of them, at 8 years. They have no training in general surgery beyond the rotations through it in medical school and internship. Some neurosurgeons do a fellowship after residency, usually for 2-3 years.

Do Obgyn treat breast issues?

Gynecologists, along with many other physicians like radiologists and breast surgeons, are the first line of defense for breast health. When patients come in for their well visits, that’s a great time to discuss risk factors and family history. We do a breast exam and talk about self-exams.

How long is breast lump removal surgery?

Breast lump removal is done as an outpatient surgery most of the time. You will be given general anesthesia (you will be asleep, but pain free) or local anesthesia (you are awake, but sedated and pain free). The procedure takes about 1 hour. The surgeon makes a small cut on your breast.

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