Frequent question: How long does jaw surgery take to heal?

What is the fastest way to recover from jaw surgery?

5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery After Jaw Surgery

  1. Drink your meals.
  2. Add easy-to-chew foods.
  3. Keep pain under control.
  4. Take care of your lips.
  5. Give yourself the recovery time you need.

How long after jaw surgery do you look normal?

This period may be shorter or longer in certain cases. You feel somewhat tired after your jaw surgery initially, but with good nutrition your energy level will soon return to normal. REMEMBER: It takes 6-8 weeks for initial healing of your Jaw or Jaws and it 3-4 months for a full body healing.

How long does it take for jaw surgery to heal?

Initial healing generally takes about six weeks, but it may be 12 weeks before you are fully healed. After your full recovery, you may need additional orthodontic treatment and your oral or maxillofacial surgeon will work with your orthodontist to ensure the best results.

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How long does it take for bones to heal after jaw surgery?

The bone should heal in about 6 weeks. It will take about 9 to 12 months before the jaw fully heals.

What are the worst days after jaw surgery?

Swelling: You can expect swelling to be the worst in the first week after oral surgery. It’s usually most noticeable from three to five days after surgery, then it gradually lessens. Bruising: Bruising often accompanies swelling, and it dissipates as the swelling subsides.

How long is jaw wired shut after surgery?

Your jaws will be wired together approximately six to eight weeks. This is the time it takes for the bones to heal in a good, strong union. During the time your jaws are wired together, you will find eating, talking and other daily activities somewhat difficult.

When can you fully open your mouth after jaw surgery?

You may have some soreness and may have some difficulty in opening your mouth. This may prevent you from brushing the tongue side of your teeth. This will improve in time and you should be able to accomplish this without difficulty within the first week to ten days after surgery.

Does face look different after jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery can be profoundly life-changing for patients and significantly change the shape of their face and improve abnormal jaw structure or repair damage. Jaw surgery moves and reshapes entire parts of a patient’s face.

Does jaw surgery change your lips?

Lip numbness:This is normal, immediately after the surgery. The upper lip recovers quickly. However the lower lip is much more variable and may take time to recover. Some patients report areas of permanent numbness which does not affect the appearance of the lip or its function.

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Is jaw surgery recovery painful?

Pain often peaks 3 to 5 days after surgery, and should slowly subside after. During the first 24 hours, ice packs can help to reduce the overall amount of swelling that you will experience. It can also help to relieve sensitivity.

How long will I be swollen after jaw surgery?

The swelling is maximal at Day 4 and will slowly subside after 2 weeks. There is still about 10 to 20% of swelling that can maintain up to 2 months after surgery. You should only be critical of the result about 3 months after surgery.