Does Derek ever do surgery again?

Does Derek Shepherd ever operate again after the plane crash?

Although Derek thought we would never be able to operate again, he recovered after a long fight and taught interns in the skills lab in the meantime.

Does Derek operate again in Season 9?

Baby Derek Bailey Shepherd is delivered through a C-section in the dark and Bailey is forced to operate again when Meredith’s spleen has to be taken out.

Who performs surgery on Derek’s hand?

Derek’s previous surgeries had not bridged the gap in his injured nerve. Back in Episode 902, Callie operated on Derek’s hand, grafting a piece of his anterior interosseous nerve to his median nerve, with the goal of restoring function and sensation to his hand.

Do they buy Seattle Grace?

But God smiled on Seattle Grace Mercy West yet again. A new buyer came from out of left field: the Harper-Avery Foundation! Catherine agreed to buy Seattle Grace Mercy West as the newest Harper-Avery Foundation branch — leaving Avery in charge of the entire hospital.

Does Amelia Shepherd have a tumor?

Amelia Shepherd, sister of heartthrob Derek Shepherd, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in season 14. Amelia’s character started out on one of Grey’s Anatomy’s spinoffs, Private Practice. … When she was diagnosed with the brain tumor, it was revealed that the tumor may have played a part in her bad behavior.

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