Do you have to sleep sitting up after rotator cuff surgery?

How long do I have to sleep sitting up after rotator cuff surgery?

You can even purchase a 45 degree wedge online or at your nearest medical supply store. Typically, shoulder patients have to sleep at an incline for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

How long do you have to sleep sitting up after shoulder surgery?

As your pain subsides and your shoulder heals, you can slowly lower yourself deeper into a horizontal position until it’s finally comfortable again. You will most likely need to sleep in a semi-reclined position for at least six weeks after surgery, sometimes longer.

Are you sitting up during rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator cuff repairs are performed with an interscalene block, although a light general anesthetic is often used in conjunction with regional anesthesia at the discretion of the anesthesiologist. Patients are positioned approximately 80 upright relative to the floor, with careful head/neck positioning.

How do you sleep in a bed after rotator cuff surgery?

Sleeping at Night:

Many patients find it most comfortable to sleep in a semi-upright position after rotator cuff surgery; a recliner is perfect. If you don’t have a recliner, just get a lot of pillows and create a back rest in bed to allow you to sleep in a seated position with the elbow pointing down.

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How do you go to the bathroom after shoulder surgery?

A detachable showerhead helps keep water away from your shoulder, and pump soap makes bathing easier when you can use only one arm. Place non-slip bath mats in the shower and on the floor outside your bathtub or shower. A shower chair is also great for safety because you may tire easily during your recovery.

How long will I need pain medication after rotator cuff surgery?

Using a mathematical model, the team determined that the median length of a prescription was four days for hysterectomy, appendectomy and cholecystectomy; five days for inguinal hernia repair, mastectomy, ACL repair and rotator cuff repair; and seven days for discectomy.

Can I wash my hair after rotator cuff surgery?

If you need to apply deodorant or wash under your arm, you will need to lean over like you are doing a pendulum exercise. You will be able to zip your pants, button a shirt, and brush your teeth, but you won’t be able to wash your hair with your surgical arm.

Is walking good after rotator cuff surgery?

When can I exercise after shoulder surgery? You can do things like walk immediately. Usually, you will be in a sling for a period of 2 to 6 weeks depending on the type of surgery. During that time you can remove the sling to extend the elbow several times a day.