Can you lift weights after hip labrum surgery?

How long after labrum surgery can I lift weights?

It is generally safe to return to heavier weight training at three months following shoulder labral repair. Before embarking on a weight training program, you should have a full range of shoulder motion and normal strength in the rotator cuff and scapular muscles.

What exercises can I do after hip labrum surgery?

Examples of Phase III exercises include standing resisted hip external rotation (Figure 6), walking lunges, lunges with trunk rotation, plyometric bounding in the water, resisted sportcord walking forward/backward/sideways, and a progressive exercise ball program for advanced core strengthening.

When can I start working out after hip arthroscopy?

While most surgeons allow return to sports between 12 and 20 weeks following hip arthroscopy, the exact return to sport guidelines vary depending on the procedure performed as well as the patient-specific sport. Rehabilitation protocols further vary in phases based on phase endpoint.

How long does it take to recover from a hip labral tear surgery?

For some patients, it may take up to six months to make a full hip labrum surgery recovery. However long the process takes for you, your doctor will monitor your progress during hip labral tear surgery recovery and recommend a rehab strategy, including torn labrum hip exercises when appropriate.

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Can you squat with a torn hip labrum?

Pain in the front of the hip or groin resulting from a hip labral tear can cause an individual to have limited ability to stand, walk, climb stairs, squat, or participate in recreational activities.

Can you bench press with a torn labrum?

It’s probably a labral tear. If you have to bench, keep the weight reasonable and don’t let your elbows break the plane of your chest. Better yet, do a standing cable column press as it is a much more functional position; just don’t go too deep and your shoulders will thank you.

How long after hip arthroscopy can I lift weights?

A microfracture procedure warrants weight bearing to be restricted 6 weeks versus 2 weeks. If extra-articular procedures were performed concomitantly with the arthroscopic procedure, including a gluteus medius repair, there will be protection against active hip abduction and passive hip adduction for 6 weeks.

Can you Retear a repaired hip labrum?

A torn labrum can usually be repaired with suture anchors during hip arthroscopy. Once the labrum has been repaired and all bony impingement has been corrected there is a very small chance that the labrum will re-tear.

Can physical therapy heal a hip labral tear?

Many are able to treat hip labral pain and other kinds of hip pain through hip labral tear treatment in physical therapy, although sometimes surgery is required. You can seek physical therapy for a hip labral tear, and under the guidance of a physical therapist perform torn hip labrum exercises at home.

When can you run after hip labrum surgery?

Return to jogging is allowed at 8–10 weeks following isolated arthroscopic procedures on the labrum. Competitive athletes may return to play at some point from 10 to 32 weeks postoperatively depending on the procedure as well as the sport.

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Is hip labral tear surgery worth it?

Doctors recommend labral tear surgery to patients who they think are good candidates—these patient are not at high risk for surgical complications and are likely to have good postsurgical results. For other patients, a hip replacement or other hip surgery may be considered.

How do I know if my hip labrum has failed?

Failed hip arthroscopy may be defined as persistent postoperative pain and/or stiffness—diagnosed by a combination of decreased joint capacity and global range of motion (ROM)—that does not improve with nonsurgical means [5].