Can you have rotator cuff surgery without general anesthesia?

Can shoulder surgery be done without general anesthesia?


More recently, technology and anaesthetic skill has advanced to allow surgeons to perform many types of upper limb surgery with patients awake under regional anaesthesia. Awake surgery can be performed with or without added sedation.

Does rotator cuff surgery require general anesthesia?

Most rotator cuff surgeries are performed using general anesthesia. The length of the operation can vary greatly depending on the size of the rotator cuff tear and quality of tissue itself. The surgeon will sew the torn rotator cuff tendon back to the bone.

Can I stay awake for shoulder surgery?

If done by a competent team who perform these procedures routinely, awake shoulder and elbow surgery can be done comfortably and safely for patients.

Can you be awake for shoulder arthroscopy?

This means having an injection of local anaesthetic around the nerves that control the shoulder. It makes your arm completely numb. You won’t feel anything during the procedure but you will be awake.

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Are you put to sleep for rotator cuff surgery?

Both of these surgeries can be done under general anesthesia, which allows you to sleep through the whole thing. They can also be done with a “regional block,” which allows you to stay awake while your arm and shoulder stay numb.

Do you get put under for arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

Most patients sleep through the entire procedure, while others may hear a few sounds here and there, although not much usually. For longer and more involved surgeries, such as shoulder or elbow replacements or rotator cuff repairs, you will most likely be under general anesthesia.

When should you not have rotator cuff surgery?

Most rotator cuff tears don’t require surgery to heal. This is because most people with rotor cuff tears don’t have any problem with their shoulders. Even if the torn rotator cuff causes shoulder pain, you can get relief without surgical treatment.

Does arthroscopic shoulder surgery require general anesthesia?

Patients undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery may be awake, undergo conscious, unconscious sedation or general anaesthesia with either a supraglottic airway or tracheal tube and practice varies widely from country to country as well as between institutions.

Do they put a tube down your throat for shoulder surgery?

NOSE AND THROAT SURGERIES SUCH AS TONSILLECTOMY AND RHINOPLASTY: Almost all nose and throat surgeries require an airway tube, so anesthetic gases and oxygen can be ventilated in and out through your windpipe safely during the time the surgeon is working on these breathing passages.

Is heat good for a rotator cuff tear?

When heat is applied to an injured cuff rotator, it increases the blood flow to the tissue. This, as a result, eases down the inflammation and speeds up the healing process. This is one of the most popular treatment procedures for many athletes.

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Can rotator cuff surgery be done with local anesthesia?

Obviously, the perspective of performing arthroscopic rotator cuff repair under local anesthesia is very appealing, considering that it would not impair respiratory function during and after surgery (unlike interscalene block which is associated with a concomitant block of the ipsilateral phrenic nerve) [3].