Can you get a second knee replacement?

How many times can you have a knee replacement?

For 80–90% of people who have total knee replacement, the new joint should last about 20 years, and it may well last longer. If you’ve had a partial knee replacement, you’re more likely to need a repeat operation – about 1 person in 10 needs further surgery after 10 years.

How soon can a second knee replacement be done?

Q: How long do you have to wait between knee surgeries if you need to get both done, but you do them one at a time? A: A lot of times that’s up to the patient. Most commonly it’s about six weeks, but that can look more like three months. Some patients are eager to get them both done.

Is a second knee replacement as painful as the first?

Patients undergoing staged bilateral TKA experience greater postoperative pain in the second operated knee than the first. This suggests extension of hyperalgesia beyond the initially injured site to remote regions after surgical injury, in which central sensitization may be involved.

What is the most painful joint surgery?

ACL surgery is the reconstruction or replacement of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. Doctors perform ACL surgery when the damage to the ACL ligament is causing severe pain or significantly limiting your ability to move the knee, which hinders participation in sports or an otherwise active lifestyle.

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Is the second knee replacement easier than the first?

What’s worse than having to go through another surgery, is that the second surgery is much harder than the first. The goal of the second knee replacement surgery is the same as the first – to relieve pain and improve function.

How do you know when you need a second knee replacement?

Infection: The risk of infection from a total knee replacement is less than 1%, but when infections do occur, a knee revision of one kind or another is necessary. Instability: This occurs when the soft tissues around the knee are unable to provide the stability necessary for adequate function while standing or walking.

Can you have 2 knee replacements on the same knee?

When you have both of your knees replaced at the same time, it’s called a bilateral knee replacement. You achieve the same overall results with single and bilateral knee replacements, but there are additional advantages and disadvantages to replacing both of your knees at the same time.

Can you wait too long to have knee replacement?

If you wait too long to have surgery, you put yourself at risk of experiencing an increasing deformity of the knee joint. As your condition worsens, your body may have to compensate by placing additional strain on other parts of the body (like your other knee).

What is the average waiting time for a knee replacement?

The national picture

Given that the average wait for a hip or knee replacement is 15 weeks, and March is the busiest month for hip and knee replacements, patients are better starting the 15-week wait for a new knee or hip at the end of December in time for a March operation.

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