Can I have a second blepharoplasty?

How many times can you do eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery is good for at least 5-7 years. Lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be repeated. Of course, your eyes will still age after the procedure. If your lids sag again, a forehead lift rather than another eye lift may be the preferred procedure.

Can you have a second upper blepharoplasty?

Is it possible to have another?” A well performed upper blepharoplasty is generally permanent. Very rarely does the loose skin recur but it is possible to perform a repeat conservative excision if needed.

Does blepharoplasty last forever?

The results of blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) are generally long lasting. It’s not uncommon for the longevity of results to vary slightly between patients, but you can expect the results of upper eyelid surgery to last about 5 to 7 years, and lower eyelid surgery results are essentially permanent.

Can botched eyelid surgery be corrected?

Correction of an unsatisfactory result of eyelid surgery can be very difficult depending upon the nature of the problem and the specific anatomical issues present. A variety of reconstructive techniques may be used to improve your result including skin flaps, skin grafts, cartilage grafts, and fat grafts.

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What is excess eyelid skin called?

Dermatochalasis is when the excess skin of the upper eyelid hangs down, over the front edge of the eyelid. The excess tissue can sometimes obstruct the visual field, especially the superior visual field.

How do you qualify for eyelid surgery?

Your doctor must indicate that blepharoplasty is medically necessary, documenting any of the following issues:

  1. Blepharochalasis.
  2. Conjunctival (membrane the covers the white part of the eye) inflammation.
  3. Dermatochalasis.
  4. Edema (swelling)
  5. Eyelid and/or eyebrow ptosis.

How much does blepharoplasty cost?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat – will cost $3,026 on average. Keep in mind there are other fees besides the basic “sticker price.” These additional fees include the operating room charge, anesthesia, and other medical necessities.

Does eyelid skin grow back?

When you’re deciding whether or not a blepharoplasty is right for you, you must consider what your eyes will look like in a few decades. A blepharoplasty is a long-lasting surgery, and you should enjoy the results for many years to come. Once that skin is removed, it’s not going to grow back.

How long does it take for lower blepharoplasty to heal?

Recovery from lower eyelid blepharoplasty usually takes 10-14 days. It is more of a social recovery, i.e., most of my patients feel fine but might avoid certain social situations because they “look rough.”

Does blepharoplasty get rid of crow’s feet?

Excess, loose upper eyelid skin may even interfere with your vision. However, blepharoplasty won’t remove crow’s feet or other wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under your eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows. While it can add an upper eyelid crease to Asian eyes, it will not erase evidence of your ethnic or racial heritage.

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