Best answer: What sports can you play after knee replacement?

Can you play sports with an artificial knee?

Generally, there is no restriction once you recover from your knee replacement, which can take up to three to six months. Many people don’t feel comfortable kneeling for more than brief periods, but any form of sport that doesn’t cause significant pain or swelling is permitted.

Can you be athletic after a knee replacement?

After muscle strength has recovered, the patient is permitted to make reasonable choices regarding athletic activity. In general, patients are encouraged to select low-impact activities. Total knee arthroplasty can predictably relieve pain and improve function for a painful arthritic knee.

How long after knee surgery can you play sports?

It depends on the type of injury you had repaired, and the surgery itself, but realistically, plan on recovery taking about six weeks before you can return to sprinting or jumping. The last thing you want to do is injure your knee all over again and sit on the sidelines even longer than you anticipated!

What activities are prohibited after knee replacement?

Running and jumping

Jumping exposes the knee to even higher forces. Performing activities that involve running and jumping while still recovering from a knee replacement may delay healing or cause damage to the prosthesis.

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Is it OK to run with a knee replacement?

“General advice after a total knee replacement is to avoid high-impact exercise such as running and jumping. These activities will increase wear of the artificial joint surfaces.” So says Arthritis UK. “Running is an aerobic activity like walking, but it’s much more high-impact.

Can I play soccer with a knee replacement?

After a total knee replacement, is it possible to get back to sport? Yes.

Can I do squats after knee replacement?

People who have had TKR report that squatting is an important task for them to be able to complete after surgery. For this reason, and because squatting is a motion required for many functional activities, the ability to squat could be an important task to evaluate after knee replacement.

Can you lift weights after a knee replacement?

Patients are often most surprised to learn that they are not only permitted to lift weights but are encouraged to lift weights after receiving a joint replacement. In fact, lifting weights is the best thing a patient can do for the prolonged life of their artificial joint.

Can you kick a soccer ball after knee replacement?

Soccer – you can kick the ball with your kids, but you should avoid running hard in the games. OK to play goalie. Basketball – I have patients who do play basketball with total joints, we just can’t recommend it because we don’t know if the jumping will eventually damage the cement bond with the bone.