Best answer: What is the typical recovery time for scoliosis surgery?

How long after scoliosis surgery Can you walk?

Many patients will be back to normal activity levels around 3 to 6 months after surgery.

How bad is the pain after scoliosis surgery?

One in three spinal fusion patients report back pain within 7 years of their surgery. Nerve damage, implant failure, joint degeneration and other complications can all cause chronic pain, which can severely hamper the patient’s long-term quality of life.

How long does scoliosis surgery pain last?

Most patients are completely off pain medication four to six weeks after surgery. Although, some patients might take considerably longer before being ready to go off pain medication.

Can you walk after surgical repair of scoliosis?

Activity Level — Patients are encouraged to walk. However, bending, lifting, and twisting are usually prohibited for several months or until the surgeon approves. Sports are not allowed for at least three months after surgery. When activities are resumed, it is recommended to return gradually.

How do you poop after scoliosis surgery?

4 Tips to Get Bowels Moving After Spine Surgery

  1. Keep moving when possible. When recovering from spine surgery, especially the first few days, you are likely to feel lethargic and need lots of rest. …
  2. Use pain medications as directed. …
  3. Eat the right amount of fiber. …
  4. Consider a fiber laxative. …
  5. Learn more:
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What age is best for scoliosis surgery?

Children with scoliosis between 3-10 years of age is normally the time when the best long term results can be achieved.

Is it worth getting scoliosis surgery?

The research effort found that surgery usually helped patients improve. It helped correct their curvature, and they had less pain. But the researchers also found that those who didn’t have surgery usually did not go on to experience more severe pain or a more extreme spinal deformity during a two-year follow-up period.

Do you have to wear a brace after scoliosis surgery?

Recovering from Scoliosis Surgery

In most cases, children need to wear their post-surgical brace for six to twelve weeks after surgery. After most of the swelling reduces approximately three weeks after surgery, your child will need to be re-fitted with a brace molded to their new back for the rest of their recovery.

How do you sleep after scoliosis surgery?

It is generally OK after back surgery to sleep in whatever position is most comfortable. Some prefer to sleep on one side or the other with a pillow between their knees and/or behind them to support the back.

Are you in a wheelchair after scoliosis surgery?

After scoliosis surgery, people are usually a few inches taller, because the spine has been straightened, and, if a new wheelchair is required, it may seat the person higher. Both these changes mean more headroom is needed in a vehicle. Desks, computer work stations and tables may also need to be modified.

Does scoliosis surgery leave a scar?

Initially the incision will be quite thin but the healing process causes the scar to become red and elevated for a few months after surgery. By one year after surgery the scar should be soft, pliable, and white. At this time the scar is mature.

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