Best answer: Can I wear my retainer after pinhole surgery?

Can you wear retainers after gum graft?

If you have a plastic retainer wear it for the first 24 hours after surgery, and then as needed for comfort. You may take it out to brush your teeth, but replace it as soon as possible. Do not leave it out for more than a few minutes at a time to prevent swelling.

How do you clean your teeth after pinhole surgery?

You may brush and floss the other areas of your mouth (including your tongue) as you normally would beginning the day after surgery, but again, for 2 days after surgery NO chipmunk cheeks when you rinse. AFTER 2 days you may begin a regular rinsing technique.

How long does it take to recover from pinhole gum surgery?

Recovery after pinhole gum surgery will typically only take one day. With no incisions made during this gum recession treatment method, the holes in your gums heal reasonably quickly. Patients express feeling minimal-to-no discomfort following the procedure.

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How long does swelling last after pinhole gum surgery?

It is common to experience some swelling or tenderness in the gums for the first 24 hours after visiting our office. Since there is no need for a tissue graft, many patients experience an incredibly quick recovery – it only takes about a day for the pinholes created during this gum treatment to heal.

When can I wear my retainer after gum surgery?

The retainer is generally worn 24 hours a day, with the exception of daily cleanings, for the next week. However, if after 24 hours you are more comfortable with the retainer out, you can wear it at your discretion.

Can I wear night guard after gum graft?

During the 6 weeks following your surgery :

If you wear a night guard, do not wear it until further notice. Please bring it to each of your control appointments (2 and 6 weeks after your surgery) to evaluate if you can start wearing it again.

How successful is pinhole gum surgery?

While there is some risk involved in undergoing any procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique has an extremely high success rate of over 90%. This is an equivalent success rate compared to the traditional gum grafting method.

How long does pinhole technique last?

How long does pinhole surgery last? The amount of time your surgery takes depends on the number of teeth that need treatment. For most patients, surgery is complete in about two hours, but two treatments may be needed.

What can I eat after pinhole gum surgery?

Eggs, custard, yogurt, pasta, steamed vegetables, casseroles, cooked cereals are some things that you might consider eating during the first few days following your surgery. Avoid use of straws for at least one week. Avoid spicy, salty, acidic, crunchy, sticky or very hot foods or liquids.

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What should I do after pinhole gum surgery?

Patients should not brush or floss for 24 hours following the procedure. This will give the gums a chance to heal. Patients should also eat softer foods and especially avoid eating hard or crunchy foods for 24 hours. A mild over-the-counter pain reliever may be required for some.

How much does pinhole surgery cost?

How Much Does Pinhole Surgery cost? The Pinhole Surgical procedures costs $2,500 per quadrant (Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Right). This includes the consultation, preparation, membrane, and post-op visits.

Does pinhole gum rejuvenation work?

The success rate of pinhole surgery is comparable to that of gum grafting and studies also show that patients have a very high satisfaction rate after the procedure—over 95 percent in a 2012 study by Dr. John Chao, the inventor of the pinhole technique.

When can I drink coffee after gum surgery?

After implant surgery, your gums are healing from having an incision made through them. It is vitally important that you avoid drinking hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate after the procedure itself for up to two or three days.

When can I eat solid food after gum graft?

When can I eat my regular diet after a gum graft? Typically, your gum graft should heal within 14 days. After that, you can resume eating as you wish.

When can I drink soda after gum graft?

For 3 days after your surgery, DO NOT spit, smoke, rinse hard, drink through a straw, create a “sucking” action in your mouth, use a commercial mouthwash, drink carbonated soda, or use an oral irrigating device. Doing any of these can disrupt clotting, the healing process, open the incision and cause the graft to fail.

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